Amazon A+ Content: A Guide to Successful Branding and Revenue Growth

E-commerce is booming, and Amazon is often the first port of call for buyers. In fact, 59% of Millennials begin their product research on Amazon. However, the competition is fierce. Amazon offers a vast array of products, establishing itself as a global e-commerce giant through its wide-ranging offerings. This diversity has earned it the moniker of the “Everything-Store.” Therefore, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd and provide potential customers with an unforgettable shopping experience. Amazon A+ Content offers precisely this opportunity by going beyond traditional product descriptions and creating a unique platform for showcasing your brand and products.

What is A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Content, is an advanced form of product description that allows sellers to insert customized text and images to enhance the product detail pages and provide customers with additional insights into the brand and the product. Appealing A+ Content not only improves the online shopping experience but also strengthens brand trust.

Ideally, A+ Content should convey all the essential information and unique selling points of a product or brand to create a better understanding for the customer and reinforce the brand image. It is a perfect opportunity to build a strong brand identity on Amazon.

Why is A+ Content so Important?

On Amazon, it’s crucial to provide potential customers with all relevant information about the product and the brand to influence their purchasing decision. Since the entire shopping experience takes place online, sellers need to present their products and their brand through compelling texts and images to convey a sense of the product.


What are the Benefits of A+ Content?

Informative and attractive A+ content boosts your visibility in product searches on Amazon, leading to more visitors and potentially more customers.

A higher conversion rate leads to increased revenue and improved rankings, creating a positive cycle.

Successful A+ content creates an improved shopping experience for customers on both desktop and mobile devices, which is particularly important as more people use the Amazon app.

Deeper product understanding increases customer satisfaction, leading to more positive product reviews and a lower return rate.

By effectively utilizing A+ Content, you can better showcase and incorporate the unique features of your brand and products.


A+ content can help drive additional Google traffic to the product detail page and improve visibility in Google search queries.

Requirements for Creating A+ Content

Regardless of whether you are a seller or a vendor on Amazon, you have the option to create A+ Content for free through Seller Central or Vendor Central. However, sellers must first register with the Amazon Brand Registry to access the A+ Content Manager.

Differences between Seller and Vendor Accounts for A+ Content



  • Automatic access to creating A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  • Requires prior registration with the Brand Registry
  • Interactive elements may involve additional costs
  • A+ Content is available at no extra cost
  • Access to 5 different A+ modules per page
  • Access to 7 different A+ modules per page
  • A+ Content complements the product description
  • A+ Content replaces the product description

Goals of A+ Content

  • Customized design with own texts, graphics, images, and illustrations
  • Deepening knowledge about product and brand through compelling texts and images
  • Allows an additional 5000 characters for detailed information in addition to the standard product description
  • Presentation of key information and unique selling points

How to Create A+ Content

In Amazon Seller Central, you will find the “A+ Content Manager” under the “Advertising” tab. Here, you have the option to create new A+ content or edit previously created content.

  • Modular approach: Create your page using 17 pre-designed templates and a “drag & drop” function for design elements. In the basic package, you can use up to 5 modules. With Premium A+ Content, you have access to additional elements and can use up to 7.
  • Adding text and images: Enhance your page with appealing texts and images.
  • Adding ASINs: Select the ASINs for which the A+ Content should be linked.
  • Submit for approval: Have your content reviewed and published by Amazon. This process can take up to 7 days.

Upon successful review, your A+ Content will appear on the product detail pages as “Manufacturer’s Product Description”.

What Outstanding A+ Content Offers

  • Proactively answers all customer questions about the product and brand.
  • Consistent and appealing design that extends across your entire product range.
  • Integration of emotionally appealing brand storytelling.
  • Use of high-quality images and videos for an immersive experience.
  • Simplified presentation of complex information for easy understanding.
  • Effective interplay of text and images for a cohesive brand message.
  • Highlighting the unique selling points (USPs) of the product.
  • Standout end result that sets itself apart from the competition.
  • Optimization for mobile view to ensure a seamless experience on all devices.

Conclusion: A+ Content as the Key to Success on Amazon

Overall, Amazon A+ Content provides a valuable opportunity to strengthen brand image, increase conversion rates, and boost sales. Sellers should seize this opportunity to stand out on the platform and secure long-term success. Working with an advertising agency yields the greatest success in this regard. They bring experience and the necessary expertise to achieve the best results from your advertising budget. Contact us today to get started!