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As an e-commerce agency from Erfurt, Thuringia, we support you in marketing your online shop.

Success in e-commerce – it’s what every shop operator desires. However, it is difficult to achieve this just by going live with a new online shop alone. Maybe you have experienced this before.

It’s better to rely on an experienced e-commerce agency. We at Okon Schwarz are at your side with years of experience and work with you to develop the marketing concept for your online shop. In doing so, we check your shop, develop an e-commerce strategy together and also execute it. Our experience shows: those who count on us achieve success.

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An online shop without good e-commerce marketing? Unthinkable!

In order to achieve an increase in sales for your shop, we as an e-commerce marketing agency rely particularly on good online marketing.

With the help of SEO, SEA, content strategy and a mobile strategy, we work on the accessibility, visibility, and attractiveness of your shop from the customer’s point of view.

In e-commerce marketing, we have the complete range of online marketing at our disposal, and, with the right tracking, we can track success all the way to the sale. Let us explain why we like to use these methods and what they mean.


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Sebastian Schwarz

Executive Partner

SEO Marketing in E-Mommerce

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is used to increase organic reach. The goal here is to get your store among the first natural search results on popular search engines like Google.

To help your online shop succeed, we use different categories of search engine optimization: technical SEO and on-page SEO.

Technical SEO includes the functional aspects. We pay attention to troubleshooting, sitemap, loading times and formatting. All of this affects your visibility on the web.

With OnPage SEO, we optimize content in your shop that is perceived by users and can actively influence the purchase decision. For example, item descriptions, information about your store, or even about you. We present all this in a format that pleases Google and gives you as much visibility as possible and thus most likely leads or sales.

SEA and Social Media Marketing from Your E-Commerce Agency

The competition in e-commerce is enormous. Depending on the product, good ranking positions cannot always be achieved through organic reach. At this point, it is worth working with SEA (Search engine advertisement). Through Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and social media, you’ll find a wonderful addition to SEO and easy-to-use platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok: The possibilities for social media marketing are endless. In our jointly developed strategy, it quickly becomes clear which platforms you should rely on to increase your reach. We will work with you to build an online presence that will bring you new customers. Working with social media and advertising platforms such as Google Ads is important because e-commerce means electronic trading. This includes all electronic transactions over the Internet. So, it would be a wasted opportunity not to use the biggest online platforms for advertising purposes.

Please consider: without proper preparation, you will quickly waste a lot of money on SEO and SEA measures. The quality of the content and a good overall strategy for measuring success are the keys to success here. With an ecommerce agency, it’s easier to create and build these strategies.

Okon Schwarz Werbeagentur Online Marketing SEA SEO Social Media Agentur Erfurt Jena Thüringen

Melani Okon

Managing Director Online Marketing

Mobile Optimisation in E-Commerce

As early as 2015, one in four purchases in e-commerce was made via mobile devices. In Germany, around 29 percent of the population had already made a purchase via their mobile phone in 2018. In our experience, however, the proportion of mobile hits to websites is already much higher today. Through the use of smartphones and tablets, online retailers have been able to achieve a strong sales growth over the past few years. So now more than ever, it’s important that your online store is optimized for mobile users. This is also relevant for SEO: since 2021, one of Google’s most important criteria for success in organic reach has been a smartphone-optimized website: keyword “mobile only”.

Content Strategy from Your E-Commerce Agency

Good timing and optimized targeting will help you implement a good content strategy. From the moment of the first point of contact with you to the end of a business relationship, customers go through the so-called “customer life cycle”. If you take advantage of this cycle and build trust at the right touchpoints, offer information and score points with your USP, your customers and you will benefit. The cycle can be extended, as a convinced customer is likely to recommend you to others and buy from you again. This has a positive effect on your ranking, gives you more reach and increases your sales.

The USP is your unique selling point. A unique selling point that can give you an edge over competitors. If you use it well!

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Usability Strengths in E-Commerce

Similar to mobile optimization, good marketing is useless if your store is not designed to be user-friendly. Users who close your store’s tab in frustration won’t boost your sales or share positive experiences. It is therefore important to check all pages and processes for usability. Usability, as well as SEO, is negatively impacted by long loading times, poorly structured pages and faulty functions. The only thing that helps here is to test, test and test again. As an e-commerce agency, we bring experience from projects from which you can benefit. Of course, we are working on a smoothly functioning and user-friendly shop.

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How We Support You as an E-Commerce Agency

No matter where you are in the planning stage, we will work with you to find solutions for your shop. In doing so, we are always attentive to your wishes and are at your side with years of experience. We are your partner for a good marketing connection, when setting up your online advertising presence and are constantly working on an increase in sales for you.


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