Your internet agency from Erfurt, Thuringia
visible. measurable.successful online.

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Your internet agency from Erfurt, Thuringia
visible. measurable.
successful online.

Utilize online marketing to increase your visibility on the internet. We determine which online advertising channels are suitable for your business, implement targeted measures, and keep track of them for you.

Okon Schwarz Internet Agency from Erfurt, Thuringia

As an internet agency from Thuringia with a location in Erfurt, we implement online marketing measures designed to achieve your online marketing goals. Your goals may include building brand awareness, newsletter sign-ups, completed contact forms, and online purchases for your online store.

In addition, we also create your search engine optimized website or online store and implement necessary technical adjustments to your online presence.

As an internet agency from Erfurt, we support you in optimizing your online presence.

Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Technical and content-based SEO measures to improve your rankings in search engines.

Search Engine Advertising

Advertising in search engines or display advertising on the internet using Google Ads or Microsoft Ads.

Social Media & Content

Audience targeting, content creation, implementation of your social media campaigns.

Email Marketing

Software setup and newsletter design for sending messages via email to your customers or prospects.

Product Data Marketing

Efficient management of product and price portals from data feeds to product selection.

Analysis & Optimization

Analysis of visitor behavior on your website to increase the efficiency of your campaigns.

Web Development


Creation of your new, search engine optimized website

Online Shops

Setting up and customizing your online shops - Get ready for E-Commerce!

Regular Backups and Updates

Regular backups and updates of your website

New Features

Web analytics, tracking pixels, cookie consent tools, a calendar function, or a custom WordPress plugin

Content Adjustments

Content adjustments and extensions

Technical SEO & Performance

Technical optimization to improve performance and loading times

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We are your advertising agency from Thuringia, serving clients from Erfurt, Jena, Weimar, Suhl, Thuringia, and Germany, as well as the DACH region, with a focus on digital visibility and online marketing.