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„Content is King“ –
The Linchpin of Marketing

You are in the process of creating your own website, newsletter or blog and realize nothing works without content. Content is more than just the texts, images, and posts on your website. Content is the linchpin of marketing, both online and offline. No advertisement can do without content, just as no magazine can do without articles.

In content marketing, as the name suggests, the focus is on the content. Your products or your company should not be presented bluntly but convince with content instead. It’s the why that counts, because potential customers are looking for solutions, not products. When it comes to content marketing, we focus on the concerns of your target group and put them in the foreground. A content marketing strategy is built around it.

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Why Content Marketing?

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you know that an extensive marketing strategy is important. You probably know all the benefits of SEA, use social networks, and have a search engine optimized website. So, what can content marketing offer you that other advertising options can’t?

In fact, content marketing doesn’t rely on sudden success. It’s a slow process, especially compared to classic advertising. Implementing a successful content marketing strategy can be complex at first, so it’s worth relying on the support of a marketing agency. This all sounds like a hassle, but it’s actually profitable for businesses of all sizes. Compared to classic “paid advertising”, there are significantly lower costs, especially in the long term, and produced content can often be reused, recycled, so to speak. The biggest advantage, however, lies in the success of a good content marketing strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is used in both online and offline marketing. Products and solutions should be advertised without being the focus of attention. Rather, content marketing revolves around the needs, wants, and feelings of potential customers. Whether they are aware of them or not. In clever content marketing, they are addressed with emotional content and convinced by corporate values such as sustainability or social action. Why should customers use your solutions and products? With a successful content marketing strategy, you don't convince with empty phrases, but with facts.

Let's take a vivid example of content marketing, which can be convincing in the offline and online sector. A company wants to sell its hair care products and focuses on content marketing. The marketing team writes a blog post on their own website or an article for a magazine that is aimed at readers with an interest in styling and trends. This blog post or article does not focus on the company's products, but rather on their application. The post revolves around styling tips, hairstyle trends, and hair care tips. Of course, the company's products are used and named. However, the goal of the article is to arouse a reader's desire for a new hairstyle or new interest in hair products.

The forms of content marketing are diverse. They can be built in tutorials, guides, blog posts, tests, surveys, or white papers. There are companies whose success is based on the idea of printing baking recipes on the packaging of flour. And did you know that the Michelin restaurant rating comes from the hand of a tyre manufacturer? To promote car travel, Michelin wanted to move people to new places with its restaurant guide. These are all successful forms of content marketing.

How does Content Marketing work?

Content marketing uses pull marketing to get the content to potential customers. Your target group is already looking for solutions, partly consciously and partly subconsciously. Your articles, posts, white papers, tutorials, or other media offer the solution they are looking for at that moment. Long-term success in content marketing comes from customer loyalty. If your company convinces and inspires, your customers will not only stay with your company, but possibly spread your qualities. In the best case, word-to-mouth marketing can lead to viral success. Even if a viral hit doesn’t happen, you will receive free advertising through your persuasion.

For a long time, content marketing and SEO were considered opposites, but now Google "recognizes" the added value of high-quality posts on the web. If the texts on your website were written for content marketing and SEO: all the better! Today, the two must combine well to increase your reach. Therefore, working with an agency is even more worthwhile. We always have a holistic overview of your marketing processes and can assist you as professionals.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Creating the strategy is the most time-consuming work in the process of content marketing. This strategy needs to be well thought out to achieve great success in the long term. These following points are considered when creating yours:

All of this looks like a long process, but it’s worth the trip. With content marketing, any business can achieve success, regardless of its size.

Are you curious about what content marketing can change for you? In an initial meeting with us, we will be happy to clarify questions and can give you initial tips. Contact us today. We look forward to working with you.


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