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Why do I need an online shop agency?

The success of an online shop depends on many factors. An appealing design and an offer for various payment services is just the beginning. In order for your online store to achieve the goals you set for it, it is important to have a good e-commerce and marketing concept. At Okon Schwarz, we help you develop a strategy and follow through with it. With us, you will achieve the success you are hoping for!

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Our Steps to your Optimal E-Commerce Solution

Your personal online shop – development of online shops

When developing your shop, we’re building a detailed plan together with you. We start by analysing your existing store or potential customers and the competition. What do you want to sell and how can we reach the right people? We will work with you to develop a strategy. You bring your wishes and goals to the table, and we offer our many years of experience and technical know-how. Gradually, a concept for your online shop is created.

What are your Online Store Goals?


Design & features that improve your conversions


Shop system with growth potential

Content Management

Intuitive editing without programming knowledge


Online shop agency for the management of your online shop

Shop Systems for E-Commerce Solutions

We rely on Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce for the construction of online shops. Shopify is currently a popular e-commerce system, and with WooCommerce, you can find a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily integrate an online shop solution into your website. Both systems are easily customizable and very user-friendly. They are consistently updated by developers and offer cutting-edge templates and extensions. Of course, our service also includes regular maintenance and bug-fixing for new updates.

Depending on what you offer and the scale of your online shop, we will find the right system for you. To ensure smooth operation even after the initial setup, we program interfaces, for example, with the no-code tool Synesty. This way, you can update and keep your shop up-to-date without extensive programming knowledge.

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Shop Relaunch

If sales drop and customers don’t show up, it may be time for a shop relaunch. Over the years, it often happens that the technology on older websites is no longer up to date. In some cases, improvements in the old shop system are impossible because certain functions are simply not available.

We rely on proven procedures for a relaunch. First, we map out a plan with you and set achievable goals. What kind of design do you want? What exactly do you expect? During the relaunch, we make sure that all important information is retained. In doing so, we try to avoid downtime so that the transition is as smooth as possible. Of course, the search engine rankings that have already been built up should not be lost.

Online marketing by us as an Online Shop Agency – Online Marketing for E-Commerce

A big advantage of working with an e-commerce agency like us is that you find every service under one roof. We are not only tech-savvy and can build your online shop. We market it too!

As an online marketing agency, we know which strategies will lead to success for your industry. We work with SEO, SEA, content marketing and offer social media support. This way, you can achieve a desired increase in sales on all channels.

Search engine optimization improves the reach of your online store. It achieves better organic results in rankings and thus generates more attention. When it comes to SEO, we not only pay attention to gaining more clicks, but also to providing helpful content to offer users a certain added value. It’s worth including SEO when planning a store. In this way, categories and subpages can be formed according to important keywords.

Search engine advertising usually achieves a good return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). High revenue for low advertising costs sounds good, right?

Search engine advertising increases your brand awareness and is a valuable addition to search engine optimization. While ads on Google, YouTube, and apps can help you quickly increase awareness and generate sales, SEO helps you in organic results. And appearing twice in the search results is an advantage.

Especially for brand building, content marketing is your friend. Individual content with helpful information can differentiate you from your competition. Directly in the shop or on social media – both are possible! When it comes to content marketing, we focus on your target group and thus decide at which point a high level of interaction can be expected. You don’t need a placement budget and can even gain long-term customers.

Regular maintenance of product data is a particularly important factor for a successful online shop. This is often a point of error that can negatively affect the performance of your store. We are always working to avoid such mistakes and use services such as Synesty to facilitate interface issues and ensure secure automation.

Your advantages of being supported by an Online Shop Agency

Not only when creating, but also for the long-term support of your shop, it is worthwhile to work with an agency. You gain time, the diverse experience of professionals and broaden your horizons with new perspectives and ideas.

The longer you work with an agency, the easier it is to work together. We get to know you and your customers better and update the shop accordingly. At the same time, we continue to educate ourselves and can therefore always work with up-to-date information and strategies.

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Sebastian Schwarz

Managing Partner

Webshop Optimisation & Maintenance


When sales decline and customer engagement falters, it may be time for a shop relaunch. Over the years, technology on older websites often becomes outdated. In some cases, improvements in the old shop system are impossible due to the unavailability of certain functions.

Even with a relaunch, we adhere to proven methodologies. Initially, we plan with you and set achievable goals. What are your design preferences? What exactly do you expect? During the relaunch, we ensure that all essential information is preserved. We strive to avoid downtime, making the transition as seamless as possible. Naturally, the already established search engine rankings should not be lost during this process.

Online Shop Hosting

There are generally four different ways to host an online shop: Cloud hosting, Virtual Server hosting, Dedicated Server hosting, and Shared Server hosting. The suitability of these solutions for your online shop depends on the technical requirements. Together with you, we analyze these requirements and find the best hosting solution for you.”

Individual interfaces

To program interfaces, we use Synesty. Synesty is a software tool that facilitates data exchange and provides a no-code solution. This means that it’s relatively easy to use even without great coding skills.

Programs like Synesty make the everyday life of every shop owner easier. They are inexpensive and intuitive to use. You will have no problem creating new interfaces if you want to continue without the support of an agency in the future.


Certificates for your online shop are quite useful. They create trust with potential customers and protect you. However, certificates such as Trusted Shops, Certified Webshop, the Internet Seal must be updated regularly. As an online shop agency, we are happy to take care of this for you, so you can embed the certificates in your website, and you don’t have to worry about it.


Okon Schwarz – Your Online Shop Agency

As you can see, there are many benefits to working with an agency. If you have any questions or are interested in our service, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

FAQ Online Shop Agency

There are many advantages to working with an online shop agency:

  • Expertise and experience in the field of e-commerce
  • Industry-specific know-how
  • The agency’s experience and references in the field of e-commerce
  • Professional design and user experience
  • Optimization for search engines (SEO) and high visibility
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Updating and maintenance of the online shop

As an online shop agency, we offer a variety of services, including:

  • Conception and development of tailor-made online shop solutions
  • Responsive web design for optimal display on different devices
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for better visibility in search results
  • Conversion optimization and user experience improvement
  • Regular updating and maintenance of the online shop

The duration of the creation of an online store depends on various factors, such as the scope of the project, the desired functionality, the design and the cooperation between the client and the agency. The creation of an online store can take several weeks to several months. Together with you, we determine the duration of the project.

Yes, we can analyse your existing online store, identify weak points, and recommend optimisation measures. This can include improving the design, user experience, speed, search engine optimisation, and other important factors to boost your online store’s performance. If you are not sure whether a relaunch is necessary, please contact us.

Yes, many of us also offer online marketing services to increase the visibility and success of your online store. This includes strategies such as search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing to attract targeted traffic and customers.

The cost of creating an online store by us may vary depending on the scope, desired functionality, and individual requirements. Especially if you are interested in other services such as SEO, SEA, or social media marketing. Get in touch with us and get a detailed quote based on your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, we also offer support and maintenance services to ensure that your online store runs smoothly. This may include regular updates, security checks, bug fixes, and technical support. When it comes to maintenance and support, we focus entirely on your needs. We will determine the details in a joint discussion.


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