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Display marketing is advertising with banners. It’s another advertising channel of online marketing.

Here we rely on graphic advertising materials, such as advertising banners, videos, which can contain graphics or animated designs. Online banners come in many different sizes and formats. Placement on a website is usually at the top, side, or bottom.

The banners serve as a link to the advertiser’s website or online store. The operators of the website with the banner can earn money from the fact that the banner is displayed or clicked on on their website.

Banner advertising is primarily used to increase awareness and brand building, as well as for retargeting.

The Google Ads advertising network offers a wide range of display banners and retargeting options with display campaigns. Like search ads, these can be conveniently controlled via the Google Ads account.

We are a Google Partner Agency with the required certifications.

With Google Ads, you can run search ads, Google Shopping ads, display ads, retargeting ads, video ads on YouTube, as well as app campaigns.

Display Advertising.
Broad reach for your brand.

Definition of objectives in SEA

The goal is to build efficient display campaigns with a wide reach and good click behaviour (CTR). It's all about reaching the right audiences and finding interesting websites and placements that have a positive effect on your image and offer the right content for your target groups. This way your brand and banners can work well there.

Our way of working

We take a holistic view of your display marketing. We provide recommendations for optimising your website, landing page or product detail pages and the user guidance there. These 3 components are decisive for your advertising success. We create your display campaigns in your own account, and you always have full access to them. If you switch agencies, you keep all data and access so that you always have full control and are not dependent on one agency.

Long-term support

If you choose to work with us, you can count on a predictable monthly time budget and fair terms. We create your display ads campaigns, including display remarketing and your other SEA ads. Online marketing – from one source.


The goal of your display advertising is your website. We check your landing pages to see if they present your offers well and include a call-to-action.

Analysis of
target groups

This is about analysing on which portals your target group moves and what kind of content they’re interested in.

Elements for
the Display

In the Google Ads advertising network, we can provide all formats in a simple, automated, and responsive manner based on your image and logo files as well as existing text passages.


Your SEA campaigns are continuously monitored and regularly optimized based on key figures.

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