Your Agency for Social Media Recruiting & Employer Branding from Erfurt, Thuringia

Your Agency for Social Media Recruiting & Employer Branding from Erfurt, Thuringia

Social media recruiting has long since evolved from hype to an integral part of modern recruiting strategies. It is used to recruit employees and present yourself as an attractive employer. In today’s world, modern personnel marketing has changed. Social media is an integral part of this.

The opportunities for companies are great – through personalized ads, you can directly address your target group, potential employees and specialists. Talented people will notice you faster and can find out more about your company directly.

Social media recruiting has become an effective way to attract highly qualified candidates and streamline the recruitment process.

But how can you personally use social media for recruiting? How should you approach the topic strategically? Which approaches are well received by potential applicants?

Social Media Recruiting: Definition and Approaches

Social media recruiting encompasses various methods and approaches. Social networks can actively or passively support recruitment. The different approaches can essentially be divided into three areas:

  1. Targeted distribution of job advertisements.
  2. Positive influence on employer branding.
  3. Direct and proactive approach of candidates for open positions or to build a talent pool (active sourcing).

Before an active campaign can be launched, we’ll discuss best practices with you. Without this, success in social media recruiting remains low. For example, we follow a checklist:

Before you use social media for recruiting, it’s important to define your target audience precisely. Which platforms do they use the most? What kind of content are they interested in? A detailed audience analysis will help you use your resources effectively and choose the right channels.

Your brand message should be consistent across all social media channels. We work with you to ensure that your company values, culture and career opportunities are clearly communicated. This helps build a strong employer brand and capture the interest of potential candidates.

To grab candidates’ attention, your content should be creative and engaging. In doing so, you can use visual elements such as images and also videos to convey your message. Employee stories, insights into day-to-day work, and success stories can also be very effective.

Together, we are building an active community on social media platforms. Answer questions, participate in discussions, and share relevant content. By communicating proactively, you can gain the trust of users and get potential candidates excited about your company.

Social Media Channels for Social Media Recruiting

As a company, you are probably particularly familiar with professional social networks such as LinkedIn or Xing. On average, employers primarily use them for their social media recruiting. Especially for highly qualified positions, business or B2B networks are used. They are used to identify potential candidates and establish direct contact. This can either be used to include them in a pool or to propose them directly for jobs.

Professional networks and other social networking platforms are also popular among job seekers. According  to the “Recruiting Trends 2020″ study by the University of Bamberg,  almost a third of job seekers use career networks, and 14 percent use other social networks to find out about vacancies or potential employers. However, Internet job boards remain the most used channel at 55 percent.

General platforms such as Facebook or Twitter can also be suitable for social media recruiting. Depending on where your target group is, they may even be the preferred networks to search for new employees. Here, the target group analysis in particular provides us with information about which platform is suitable for your social media recruiting.

Benefits of Social Media Recruiting

Reach and Visibility

Social media platforms have a huge reach with millions of users worldwide. Through targeted content and advertising, businesses can appeal to a broad audience and increase their visibility. This allows you to reach potential candidates that you might not be able to reach on other channels.

Employer Branding

Social media provides a platform for companies to showcase their employer brand and position themselves as attractive employers. By sharing company culture, employee stories, and career opportunities, companies can build a positive image and appeal to potential candidates.

Interaction and engagement

Social media allows for direct interaction between companies and potential candidates. Companies can answer questions, receive feedback, and engage in dialogue with prospects. This fosters engagement and helps build trust.


Social media platforms offer advanced targeting options that allow businesses to target their ads to their desired audience. They can take into account selected demographics, interests and abilities in compliance with the principle of non-discrimination to ensure that their message gets to the right people.

Social media recruiting therefore offers companies an effective way to address qualified candidates and optimize the recruitment process. With targeting, consistent brand messaging and creative content, you can strengthen your employer brand and attract potential new talents. Through active community nurturing and engagement, you can build a relationship with potential candidates and ultimately attract qualified employees.

Getting started with social media recruiting can be hard. As a social media agency from Erfurt, Thuringia, we are happy to assist you. Together, we will develop a strategy and realize your recruiting campaign. Harness the power of social media to take your workforce management to the next level.

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