Attracting Young Employees: Reaching Generation Z with Social Media

The internet, with its social media platforms, is evolving into one of the largest channels for marketing. Social media marketing plays a significant role in customer acquisition as well as employee recruitment. This is particularly true for today’s young people, who are, for example, currently searching for apprenticeships and are active on specific social networks. In this post from our advertising agency, we’d like to provide you with a few examples of what to consider in “Generation Z Social Media”.

Influencers promoting products with high discount codes on social media platforms, consumers searching various websites to find the desired product at the best price, or employers uploading videos on platforms like TikTok to appear as particularly cool and trendy companies.

Social media plays a significant role in shaping the interests and personality, especially of Generation Z (born between 1994 and 2012). On the one hand, their personality is often not fully developed, and they are more easily influenced, but on the other hand, they also use social media much more frequently. According to the “Jung und vernetzt” study by Bitkom, 88% of 16- to 18-year-olds use the internet several times a day, with 85% of them using social networks. But which social media platforms does Generation Z actually use?

Generations X, Y and Z

Generation Y - Why!?

The most well-known and well-researched generation is the so-called Generation of “Whys.” The Generation Y, also known as Millennials, have specific demands on companies as follows: the workday should offer variety, and the tasks should make sense.

Self-fulfillment is very important for Generation Y. They are reliable team players who can also function offline but excel in the online world as well.

Generation Z

Today’s teenagers and young adults, who are just entering the job market, are classified as part of the so-called Generation Z. They are the first generation to have grown up proficient with digital technologies: the internet and smartphones are as natural to them as breathing, both at work and in their personal lives.

Unlike the Generation Y, the Generation Z is again drawing more distinctions between work and personal life. They prefer clear boundaries and structures. Taking the laptop home after work is not part of their mindset.

Generation Z Social Media Werbeagentur Thüringen Erfurt

Generation Z tends to use Instagram and TikTok more today.

Source: Estimated audience sizes in Meta Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook is no longer as popular among young people as TikTok or Instagram. Generation Z craves change and variety and doesn’t want to use the same platforms as the generation before them. Young people lose interest in things more quickly and are more open to new experiences. As a result, the Facebook community continues to age.

It’s also worth considering that many from Generation Z may appear in these statistics but hardly or never use the Facebook platform. Adolescents and young adults find it difficult to connect with peers on Facebook. Therefore, reaching Generation Z on Facebook is becoming increasingly challenging, making it more sensible to turn to other channels.

But what makes platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok so much more appealing to Generation Z than Facebook, and what opportunities does this present for marketing purposes?


The Social Media Content for Generation Z

On platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, content evolves with the audience. While, for example, TikTok (formerly known as used to be primarily used for lip-sync and dance videos, the range of content for this platform is now much broader and appeals to a much larger audience.

Often, TikTokers simply showcase their everyday lives, and they are often more successful than others who produce content that requires a lot of effort. For example, Bibisbeautypalace, one of Germany’s largest YouTubers, now primarily shares her family life instead of primarily uploading beauty videos as she did in the past.

By showcasing their own daily lives, influencers appear more authentic, as users often experience many similar situations in their daily lives. They empathize with their role models. The certain distance between a stranger from the internet and the users is minimized. Influencers are often treated like their own “friends.”

More and more of them regularly host meet-ups and stay in touch with their fans to build closeness with them. To give a concrete example: the well-known German-speaking TikToker Nona from @Nonakanal recently hosted a “Girls Night,” where she celebrated a night with some other girls from her fan base. She deliberately tries to build a certain closeness and sympathy with her followers.

The Influencers of Generation Z

The closeness of influencers to their followers provides a perfect foundation for social media marketing. Influencers become role models for a large part of Generation Z.

They vacation in grand villas on the most beautiful beaches, post visually appealing pictures and videos, but also promote the healthiest snacks or pose in the trendiest outfits. Their lives are desirable for many young people. Many young individuals then purchase the products promoted by influencers on social media to get closer to this dream world. They trust the recommendations of their idols.

Whether it’s slimming tea or activewear meant to motivate one to exercise, the knowledge that it helps their role models drives fans to purchase these products as well. If I invest in the same courses and items as my idol, I will be just as successful.

To make social media marketing even more successful, products are additionally promoted with high discount codes and the warning that they are only available for a limited time and will not be available afterward.

However, influencer marketing is just one of the many opportunities that social media offers for companies. According to Bitkom, half of all German companies use social media to increase their brand awareness, acquire customers, build relationships with customers, or for other purposes. But how do they achieve this?

Social Media as Personnel Marketing for Generation Z

75% of companies use advertising, and 71% of them use marketing to achieve these goals. Nowadays, company marketing often takes place in short video clips on platforms like TikTok. They seize the opportunity to show Generation Z how cool and modern their company is and what it has to offer. On one hand, this is a great opportunity to inspire new young professionals for their company, but on the other hand, it also continuously increases brand awareness and customer acquisition.

However, the expectations of Generation Z towards companies are also growing. When all companies on social media advertise with constant remote work, flexible schedules, or having a foosball table in the office for work-life balance, the expectation rises. Other companies that do not offer such perks may lose staff in the future.

Especially considering the ongoing decline in birth rates and the resulting shortage of skilled workers in Germany, it is even more important to attract young and talented personnel.

Your advertising agency specializing in social media for attracting young employees.

As you can see, with the advancing digitalization in Germany, marketing through digital advertising channels is becoming increasingly important and almost essential for many companies. The goal of customer acquisition, employee recruitment, and many others can be effectively achieved through social networks. Don’t miss your chance, schedule an appointment with us and grow with us – your advertising agency for social media marketing from Thuringia!

FAQ Social Media for Generation Z

The Generation Z, often referred to as Gen Z, comprises individuals born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They are the youngest generation and are growing up with digital technology and social media.

The most popular social media platforms among Generation Z are Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube. These platforms offer opportunities to share photos and videos, interact with peers, and discover content.

Teenagers use social media in diverse ways. They use it to stay in touch with friends, share content, stay informed about current trends and events, and express themselves creatively. Consuming entertainment content such as videos, memes, and music is also a significant aspect of their social media usage.

Social media has a significant impact on the lives of Generation Z. It allows them to easily exchange information, discover communities with similar interests, access news and entertainment content, and develop online identities. However, it can also lead to issues such as cyberbullying, online addiction, and feelings of social pressure.

Yes, there are many benefits of social media for Generation Z. It allows them to connect with peers around the world, express their creativity, share information and news, and learn from others. It can also provide career opportunities, such as showcasing talents or networking with potential employers.