Three Online Marketing Goals You Can Achieve with Content Seeding

Was Does Content Seeding Mean?

Content seeding describes the strategically targeted distribution and placement of content on the Internet. The focus is particularly on the added value of the content offered. In general, content seeding is not a new strategy, but ties in with well-known public relations concepts.

The basic concept behind it is aimed at generating backlinks organically. Backlinks are an important part of a SEO strategy. Readers should find your content interesting and worth reading. For example, blog posts, social media posts or videos are often shared by them. The interests of “real people”, how the organic sharing of exciting posts is perceived, arouses the interest of other users.

Another important part of content seeding is influential online presences, also known as multipliers. This includes various actors who are represented in traditional media as well as influencers and users on social media channels. Multipliers help you systematically generate organic reach and traffic. With links and interactions, they ensure the independent distribution of the content and expand your target group.

The content should be clearly structured and the usefulness should be easy to recognize. Purely advertising-oriented content quickly reduces the interest of your target group and the willingness of multipliers to share decreases.

Content That Inspires

To spread online, even the most relevant, informative, or entertaining content needs support. Company websites or blogs are rarely enough here, because only very few users find their way there directly. Content seeding aims to distribute the content on different channels in a natural way through links and user interactions.

The higher the added value or entertainment value of your content, the more successful it will be. Various media formats and channels are available for the dissemination of targeted content seeding: websites, blogs, forums, social networks, videos (YouTube), podcasts, e-mail marketing or press portals are just a few platforms for having this content exploited.

So, content seeding is a win in many ways.

Three Main Goals of Content Seeding

The key to success is to reach your target group directly at as many different touchpoints as possible with the content.

Online marketing via content seeding usually feels more organic to users than traditional ads. So, with content seeding, you can reach sceptical users who base their purchase decision on the experience of other buyers.

From an SEO point of view, content seeding leads to qualitative link building, which also has a positive effect on search engine rankings.

With a constant eye on the media, especially the internet, you can find influential bloggers, influencers, online marketers, PR managers or SEO experts who have access to your desired target group. These increase the chance of more traffic, prospects and conversions. At best, target-group-relevant, high-quality content on these channels ensures that the content is redistributed by as many users on their own initiative. In the sense of content seeding, the content is scattered or “sown”. Ideally, constant sharing will create a viral hit. This is the most successful variant of content seeding, but it is difficult to generate organically. Most of the time, this happens by chance.

Our Tips for Good Content Seeding

The focus in good content seeding should clearly be on the added value for users. Depending on the target group, the added value looks different, but in principle, content should be neither too technical nor too general. Readers should want to consume and share the content. This usually works best if it’s already clear from the title what it’s about. What exactly is the advantage of your content? Does it convey your competence and trustworthiness?

Content seeding plays into the creation of the content. Instead of flat advertising messages, you should focus on original content that really reflects the quality of your content. Involve your multipliers as well. You and your users attach great importance to high-quality, authentic content and professional expertise. Clumsy advertising would scare them off rather than encourage sharing. Multipliers have the advantage of being closer to the target group. With surveys and feedback, you can quickly get an overview of successful strategies and what your audience wants. In return, interaction is essential for the independent success of influencers, bloggers and other multipliers.

You can create unique entertainment value through videos and memes. Furthermore, guidebooks, e-books or infographics on relevant topics, for example, have a high level of information and practical added value. As a result, this content is shared frequently and willingly. It’s important to find out what your target audience really wants. The imparting of competence and trust is crucial. It is advisable to pay attention to the balance between informative character and good comprehensibility.


Clever networking and a good content strategy are therefore the be-all and end-all of content seeding. But the sensible use of social media and other publication channels also increases traffic, the number of interested parties and conversions. Direct and personal contact with potential multipliers is crucial. It is advisable to build up your own network at an early stage.

Use content marketing to increase your visibility on the internet. We know which content fits your business and your online marketing strategy. We look forward to supporting you.