How to Successfully Utilize LinkedIn Ads for Your B2B Marketing

What Are LinkedIn Ads and How Do They Work?

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and business people. It allows people to connect with other people who share their professional or business interests or career goals.

This social network is ideally placed in the business-to-business (B2B) sector. The B2B sector describes business relationships between companies. LinkedIn‘s focus is also international, which is why international professionals are also easily accessible here. Many of the network’s basic functions are reminiscent of Facebook, which makes it intuitively easier to use. But LinkedIn is all about business. 

So, LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. It has a lot of features that make it more than just a place to post your resume. According to LinkedIn, around 706 million people worldwide use this social media platform and B2B marketers effectively reach decision-makers, influencers, and leaders.

One of these features is advertising. LinkedIn ads are similar to Facebook ads, but they are more tailored to the needs of professionals and businesspeople.

LinkedIn Ads are a way to promote your products and services to LinkedIn’s audience. With LinkedIn Ads, you get a compelling and digital campaign manager that allows you to reach professionals and businesspeople through their personal social media profiles.

LinkedIn Ads provides you with a variety of features that you can use to create an ad campaign tailored to you. LinkedIn Ads allows you to target specific groups of professionals based on their skills and industry to introduce them to your product or current job opening. You can select the position, industry or other criteria, such as company information.

The LinkedIn Ads Marketing Solutions

With LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, you can ensure engagement with the specialists and executives that are relevant to you and thus achieve your B2B marketing goals.

LinkedIn Ads are advertisements that appear on LinkedIn’s website and mobile app. These can be sponsored posts, boosted posts, or display ads. Advertisers decide whether they want to target a specific job title, industry, or location. They also set the maximum budget for the campaign and its duration.

The sponsored content with LinkedIn Ads is an interesting marketing option for companies that want to reach their target audience.

This section discusses the benefits of using LinkedIn marketing solutions and how they can be used by businesses.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is the classic ad format that appears in users’ news feeds when they log in to Linkedin. On your desktop, smartphone or tablet, your company updates will appear in the news feed of your defined target group.

These types of ads are also called native ads because the ad format is almost indistinguishable from natural content, i.e. the other posts on LinkedIn. Only a small “sponsored” sign indicates the sponsored content ads.

Sponsored Messaging

This allows you to address your target audience via LinkedIn Messages, which means that you send them personal, direct messages. LinkedIn has discontinued location targeting in the European Union (EU) for all Sponsored Messaging campaigns, effective January 10, 2022.

Text Ads

These are simple desktop ads. A short headline, some text, and an image (50×50) and your ad is set up. Thanks to the simple format, you will be of immediate interest to your target group.

Dynamic Ads

They are automatically tailored ads to your audience to gain followers, promote a conference registration, suggest a demo, or more. If you’re using dynamic ads, you can choose from a variety of formats.

Use the follower ads to promote your LinkedIn company page and thus generate more followers. For more results, use Spotlight Ads to direct potential prospects as visitors to your website or landing page with information about your products, services or events. Or use content ads to generate leads/contacts with specific content when LinkedIn users download it.

How Do You Plan Placement Budgets in LinkedIn Ads?

With LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can keep an eye on everything. This is where you can create, optimize, and measure your campaigns. LinkedIn also offers a conversion tracking pixel for this purpose.

You set the daily budget and maximum runtime budget yourself. You can control and stop the costs at any time, as you can end a campaign prematurely at any time. You enter your budget in 2 cost models, e.g. as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Impression (CPM).

And How Do You Get Started?

A Free Company Page on LinkedIn

With a LinkedIn business page, you have the opportunity to gain followers and thus increase your brand awareness. It is the basis for LinkedIn marketing. There you can inform and share your high-quality content on your social media company page with your B2B target groups. A lot of things here are also reminiscent of Facebook. Social media content must be planned and professionally prepared for the B2B target groups.

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